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About Us

Tailored Solutions That Empower You

At New England Laser Lipo, we offer a warm and inviting environment where service and personalized care are our priority. Your consultation is a unique opportunity to meet directly with the doctor, ensuring a tailored approach to meet your needs.

We pride ourselves on offering the forefront of minimally invasive procedures, spearheaded by our esteemed board-certified physician, Dr. Willis. With three decades of experience, Dr. Willis possesses a unique perspective on the body’s healing processes, enabling a nuanced understanding of how skin responds to various treatments. Our commitment to excellence is reflected in our careful selection of the latest and safest laser technology, ensuring that patients receive optimal results.

Beyond laser lipo, our comprehensive suite of services includes the  administration of Botox, Radiesse, Juvederm, and Belotero. Each treatment is tailored to the individual, with our team adeptly assessing and strategizing for different areas of the body. We work closely with patients to create personalized plans that align with their unique needs and aspirations. At New England Laser Lipo, we prioritize both safety and efficacy, offering a professional approach to cosmetic enhancements that empowers individuals to achieve their desired aesthetic goals.

Meet Our Team

New England Laser Lipo’s team is committed to providing unparalleled service and support. We bring a unique blend of skills and passion, working together seamlessly to ensure your experience is nothing short of outstanding. Together, our office staff is dedicated to creating a welcoming and supportive environment, where your well-being and satisfaction are at the forefront.

Paul Willis, MD | Board Certified Physician

Dr. Willis, a highly esteemed and board-certified physician, brings an extensive wealth of expertise garnered over three decades of dedicated practice. Specializing in emergency-related plastic injuries, his seasoned proficiency has made him a trusted authority in the field. Notably, Dr. Willis holds certification in the cutting-edge realm of laser liposuction surgery, positioning him at the forefront of innovative techniques. Serving as a pioneer in New England, he was among the first doctors to adeptly perform and refine this transformative procedure.

Beyond this, Dr. Willis is a recognized expert in the nuanced art of facial aesthetics. His proficiency extends to the precise administration of Botox and dermal fillers, where his skillful touch and keen understanding of facial anatomy ensure natural, rejuvenating results. Patients benefit not only from his technical prowess but also from his compassionate approach, creating a harmonious balance between medical expertise and personalized care.

Holly | Office Manager & Medical Assistant

Holly is a dedicated medical assistant with over 12 years experience in patient care and administrative tasks, and is committed to providing compassionate and efficient support in aesthetic procedures.  She has expertise with Botox, fillers and the laser lipo suction procedure.  Her commitment to precision and patient comfort has allowed her to contribute to transformative experiences with a strong foundation in clinical support. She thrives in assisting clients on their journey to enhanced well being and confidence. Hollys top priority is keeping her patients feeling comfortable and at ease with any procedure chosen.


Client Testimonials

(Disclaimer: Results May Vary From Person to Person)

“The best decision you could ever make if your considering any body contouring. Do Not go with anything but the real deal, who is Dr. Paul Willis, and his very caring wife Holly. Having the abdominal procedure done was more like a visit with Best Friends for 3 hours instead of a “painful procedure”. There was very minimal pain involved. I required no pre-sedation, which is offered, nor did I require pain medication post procedure, which again is offered. A fantastic experience, with a 1 week result of a 44 inch abdomen to 33.5 inch abdomen in only 1 week, 7 days! It only gets better since total recovery is 6 weeks!!! Well worth the minor discomfort, money, and the best company you’ll enjoy during any procedure.”


“First I’d like to share Dr. Willis and his team are wonderful. They are warm, friendly, kind, skilled and very knowledgeable. When I need a little “refresher” for a wedding, special event of just a pick me up -the results meet my expectations every single time. The experience is painless and they accommodate my schedule every time. Thank you for all you do Dr. Willis and team! You are the best and I’m very grateful for the services you provide.”


“Words do not adequately express how thrilled I am with the results of my Smartlipo laser procedure on my upper arms. From start to finish, it was a totally positive experience. From the impeccably clean and serene facility to the highly skilled, talented, and caring staff, I felt very comfortable and assured of the outcome. Although recommended to rest for the remainder of the day, there really was no down time. I experienced no pain throughout the procedure or after, resuming my daily activities immediately. The results are perfect! My confidence is regained in wearing my strapless and sleeveless outfits again! Thank you so much, Dr Willis and Dr Freniere. Again, many thanks to you all, I really do love it!”


“I visited Dr. Wills for a consultation concerning abdominal laser liposuction. Dr. Willis is excellent, extremely compassionate, attentive, thorough and walks you through each step of what to expect during your procedure and after. Dr. Willis and his medical assistant Holly are so kind, supportive and gave me the very best care. I am thinking of having another procedure with him, and just know that he will far exceed my expectations like he did on my first. I would not go to anyone or anywhere else. I cannot thank him enough for everything he has done for me. He and Holly showed me how much they care for your patients from day one and I appreciate that more than you will will ever know. You have given me feelings of confidence and happiness that I have not felt in a very long time and I cannot tell you how good it feels! Thank you Dr. Willis!!”


“Dr. Willis did an amazing job with my Smart Lipo procedure. I can’t thank him and Holly enough for initiating my weight loss and helping me reach my final goal of competing on stage again. My results changed my mindset and made me believe that anything is possible, & that taking it to the next level is where I needed to be. I highly recommend this procedure to anyone needing to see a change & wanting to lead a healthy lifestyle once again. I now continue to create the life that I needed to gain control of once and for all!!”


“After putting off this procedure for a few years, I knew the time was right and went for it. I will sum the up the whole process for you of my personal experience. Dr. Willis is a great human being, gentle, compassionate, explained everything as he went about the procedure. I took one mild sedative an hour before and I felt not a bit of pain nor discomfort for the entire time, about 4 hours, which seemed like only 1 hour!! This is the honest truth. I got off the table and was so happy with what I saw although I knew I had a long way to go in the healing process. The doctor and Holly sent me home with painkillers and told me to stay ahead of the pain. Again, the honest truth, I had no pain. Not even enough for Ibuprofen. I was leaky for about 2 days. Compression garment was worn for 2 weeks. My biggest problem was itching, so I took Benedryl and also applied the Benedryl cream against the manufacturers recommendation. I am now 2 months post Laser Lipo and I am indeed very pleased. I was back to the gym after 3 weeks working out hard to maintain the finished product. The bulges around the mid-section are gone, I am tight thru the tummy and midriff thus my goal was accomplished, thanks to New England Laser Lipo.”


“Dr. Willis and his staff are awesome! They are professional, friendly and knowledgeable. They explained the procedure to me clearly and made sure I was comfortable every step of the way. Dr. Willis is attentive, caring and an expert in his field. I am very pleased with the results and would highly recommend New England Laser Lipo!”


“Dr. Willis did such an amazing job on my inner thighs. He is such a sincere person and really cares about his patients. After I got the procedure done, I was pain free the whole recovery and my pants fit comfortably now!”


“The staff were so nice and the Doctor takes the time to explain any procedure while making the patient feel extremely comfortable. They care about the patient!”


“I was extremely happy with the results on my thighs. I couldn’t wait to the see the doctors’ faces on the follow-up visit.”


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